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What is a prolapse?
Prolapse literally means 'to fall' or 'slip out of place', and the term can relate to different organs in the body. It is possible to have a rectal (prolapse of the rectum), bladder, vaginal or womb (uterine) prolapse and some of these can occur at the same time.

Womb prolapse
The womb is held in place by the pelvic floor muscles and supporting ligaments. When these muscles start to weaken and/or the supporting ligaments lose their elasticity, the womb starts to drop down into the vagina. It is also called a 'dropped' womb and refers to the sagging of the womb into the vagina or even out of the body. A prolapse of the womb can also be common around the menopause because the muscle support often becomes thinner when the hormone levels - in particular oestrogen - are reduced.